Facilitation Services

Susan Simosko is a facilitator par excellence. No matter how large or small the group, she brings a rare blend of highly-developed people skills, years of experience in diverse cultures, and a truly unique ability to bring out the best in others-all with a gentle sense of humor and a strong belief in the power of groups to develop and take ownership of their decisions.

With a keen sense of group dynamics, a commitment to sound planning and an ability to promote open communication, Susan can help your group to:

  • Come alive
  • Work respectfully and responsibly
  • Find creative solutions to challenging problems
  • Stay on time and on topic
  • Achieve its goals!

How she works...

Prior to the meeting, Susan will work with you to clarify the desired outcomes of the meeting, help you to set an agenda with appropriate time slots, and identify meeting strategies that will draw on the best of each participant to achieve the desired outcomes.

During the meeting, Susan will support the group through each agenda item, always encouraging and supporting the contributions of all participants. With her highly developed facilitation skills and easy going manner, she puts people at ease and supports the group to develop confidence, communicate respectfully and openly, always focused on the desired outcomes. Her goal with all groups is to enhance their confidence, build ownership, and improve the group's effectiveness.

After the meeting, Susan will debrief with you about what worked well and what could have been better. In the spirit of continuous improvement, she will provide feedback and observations about the groups' effectiveness to further empower the group as a whole as well as each individual member. On request, she will also review meeting minutes and help you prepare for any future meetings.